"The Sarah" Pant | White

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"The Sarah" Pant | White


“The Sarah” Pant, 24/7 pant. Simple. Elegant. Comfortable. Perfect for travel, at home, a day out, a night out - literally everything. I’ve worn these to weddings, I’ve worn them to the beach, I’ve even worn them camping. The shape and it’s wide-leg has a timeless beauty that fits an array of body types and will truly last a life-time in your wardrobe.

XS/S (0-6)
M/L (8-12)

100% Midweight Linen.
Oeko-Tex Certified.
Signature peak-a-boo white slash pockets.
Elastic Waistband.

Designed to pair perfectly with all Albedo Tops! 

Notes From Nicky

  • Every piece has been entirely handmade by me. Although I put all of my love and attention to detail into each piece, I am human and some minor variances may occur. 

  • These pieces are made-to-order and will be ready within 1-2 weeks of purchase.

  • Due to the nature of my small business, all sales are final. Shop profits are continuously rolled back into supplies & fees. Therefore, I do not offer refunds or exchanges but will ensure a lifetime warranty on any defects that may occur over time.  

  • It is suggested that all pieces are hand washed in cold water to ensure it’s longevity. Please see “Care” for a detailed description. 

  • I am not responsible for any additional post office charges that may occur after an item has been shipped. 

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