To ensure the longevity of your Albedo garment, I recommend that all pieces are hand-washed in cold water and air dried (not to mention, hand-washing also uses less water and energy which is better for the environment). 

If you've never hand-washed your clothing before, don't sweat it. It's super easy - just follow these simple steps ... 

  1. Use a clean sink or other large basin filled with cold water.

  2. Put in a few drops of mild detergent or baby shampoo.

  3. Gently swirl the clothing in the sink or knead it (like you're kneading bread) for a minute or two, just enough that they get sudsy.

  4. Rinse with cold water.

  5. Add a few drops of hair conditioner to the final rinse to add extra silkiness.

  6. Rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze out the water.

  7. Lay on a flat surface with a plush towel underneath. With your hands, gently smooth out the wrinkles to the seams (never pulling on the linen). Repeat every hour or so throughout the drying process. I know this may seem time consuming but it decreases the wrinkles immensely!! 

  8. Voila! A clean, soft and beautiful Albedo piece, ready to be flaunted again! 



Linen has it's perks of being highly breathable, lightweight and keeps you cool during those hot summer days. It does, however, wrinkle quite easily. I think its a beautiful characteristic about linen and encourage people to embrace its naturalness. But, if you are looking for a cleaner look, a steamer is great for getting out deep wrinkles or you can iron your pieces. If you're going to use an iron, I recommend taking the following steps  ... 

  1. At least five or ten minutes before ironing your Albedo linen, give it a good spritz with clean, cold water. Roll it loosely and let the moisture penetrate the fibers.

  2. Set the iron on the cotton/linen setting or high heat. Be sure the iron's faceplate and water tank are clean and that the tank is filled with water.

  3. Start with the heavier areas first, such as waistbands or cuffs and add a bit more water if necessary to get that smooth finish.

  4. Keep the iron moving constantly and smoothly to prevent scorching. Staying too long in one spot will not be pretty.

  5. As you iron, gently stretch the garment to square corners and even edges. While the fabric is damp and hot, you can reshape crumpled areas.

  6. Press linen clothes on the wrong side or use a pressing cloth to prevent shiny spots - especially with darker colours.

  7. When ironing is complete, hang your Albedo in an uncrowded space to dry completely. Wait at least ten to fifteen minutes before putting on the freshly ironed piece to allow the fibers to cool and relax. *Wearing linen while damp will cause excess creasing*

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