Behind The Seams

     Hey, I'm Nicole (my friends call me Nicky) and I'm the maker/creative juices behind Albedo. I am a happy little seamstress living in Vancouver, Canada with my boyfriend, Skylar and our pup, Bowser.  When I'm not sewing, you can usually find me hiking in the mountains, camping, thrifting or picking up fresh veggies and flowers at our local farmer's markets. It is a slow life that I strive for and what has become the backbone of this brand.  

     By definition the term 'Albedo' (pronounced al-bee-doe) is the amount of light absorbed and reflected from a surface. I am definitely not a scientist, but to me, the word stood out because it reminded of the light/energy people absorb and reflect out of them. You know when you're eating well, nourishing your mind and feeling confident in the clothes you're wearing  and it seems like you're glowing? That's Albedo. That's the feeling I want to be apart of. I want to create pieces that flatter an arrange of body types, are comfortable yet elegant and most importantly sustainable so women can look and feel good about what they are wearing. 

     Each piece has been designed and handmade by me. I hope you feel the love and passion I have for this brand and sewing every time you slip it on. I hope it makes you feel comfortably yourself. I hope it makes you feel effortlessly beautiful. I can't wait to see your Albedo!



image x Skylar Kehr